David Austin English Roses

Hybrids of old roses and modern roses bred by David Austin. These blend the best from both old and new. They have a mix of old rose shapes and scents but with the repeat flowering, extended colour range and more compact habit of more modern varieties. Their increasing popularity is certainly a hallmark of success. Our collection of English Roses include Chianti, their first red rose to be introduced, Evelyn a famous apricot rose and Constance Spry which is happy in both border or on a wall. These classic favourites we hope will continue to be cared and adored for years to come.

Pruning Guide

Prune in second and subsequent years by removing any old dead or twiggy wood and reducing the remaining growths by one third of their length. Taller varieties can be used as climbers. Once a climber is established, prune by reducing side shoots to two or three buds of the main stem. Tie in any new long growths in a horizontal fashion during September.