Minimum Withstanding
Zone 3 – 40 to -34°C.
Zone 4 -34 to -29°C.
Zone 5
-29 to -23°C.
Zone 6 -23 to -18°C.
Zone 7
-18 to -12°C.
Zone 8 -12 to -7°C.
Columbia - Pink Climbing Rose

Columbia is listed as Hardiness Zone 8, so will need winter protection in the UK. A superb specimen is famously grown in a glasshouse at The Old Vicarage, Norfolk.

Rosa pimpinellifolia 'Mary Queen of Scots' - Pink Species Rose

Scotch Briar rose ‘Mary Queen of Scots’: Hardiness Zone 4

Rugosa alba with red hips

Rugosa ‘Alba’ : Hardiness Zone 3

We have a hardiness rating in all our rose descriptions, these should be considered if you are located in very cold winters. The overwhelming majority of our roses will survive in all UK climates, with only handful which might struggle to grow in temperatures below -12°C. Most UK growers should be aware of roses listed as zone 8, these will need a well-sheltered position (particularly from strong winds) or ideally grown in a conservatory or orangery. 

The lower the number the hardier it is, for example the lowest Zone 3, roses will be able to withstand temperatures down to -40°C. The most hardy rose groups are Rugosas, Albas and The Scotch Briars, all can withstand the coldest UK temperatures and even can be grown in some northern Scandinavian areas.