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Specialist Growers of Roses Ancient & Modern

We have been growing roses in Norfolk since 1984 and take great pride in producing quality plants. Old Roses are our special passion, yet we love roses of all persuasions and stock many beautiful Species, Shrub, Climbing and Rambling Roses, both modern and old. Our aim is to offer a range that fully embodies the sheer diversity that roses can bring to your garden. Fragrance, foliage, fruit and flower come in a multitude of variations and permutations that provides a rose for virtually every situation.

Most of our roses can be purchased bare root (dormant) for delivery from November until March, in addition we also offer a selection that can be bought potted in peat-free compost which are available throughout the year. Good cultivation in virgin soil, strict grading and minimal storage ensure that they arrive in the best possible condition.

We hope our new website helps and inspires you to discover more about our unique collection. The new filter options, enhanced format & ‘Wishlists’ should make finding the right rose from over 500 different varieties much easier. See our ‘ALL CATEGORIES’ page for our full list of subcategories such as Hedging Roses, Shade Tolerant Roses & Old Roses Groups.

Happy gardening.


All available to order now for bare root season this November. Both Modern & Old Roses added.


Vanessa a Modern Shrub Rose by Trevor White Roses

An exciting new rose named after Trevor White’s wife and exclusive to our online store. Launched at RHS Hyde Hall for the Rose Weekend 2019. Large pale pink wavy petals surround elegant elongated red stamens.

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Blue Roses

Blue Roses Blue is a colour of rare beauty in gardens, you find it in Delphiniums, Hydrangeas and Clematis and other plants, so why not roses? Well its all down to genetics, roses do not possess the necessary genes to produce the blue pigment. If you see a blue rose in a floristry shop it is almost certainly a white rose that has been dyed blue. There has also been research in Japan to try and introduce the pigment 'Delphinidin' into roses using genes from pansies but with limited success, you can read about this research on the Suntory website. Which means the closest we actually come to Blue in roses is Purple. Hippolyte - Gallica Rose Captaine John Ingram - Moss Rose Tuscany Superb - Gallica Rose Reine des Violettes - Hybrid Perpetual The Rise of the Purple Rose We first start seeing purple within Gallica roses. Gallicas are admired for their intense fragrance and some are known to date back to the 12th century. By the 19th century we start seeing purple within the Hybrid Perpetuals which saw the first repeat flowering cultivars such as 'Reine des Violettes'.  As for the climbing purple roses, in 1909 Rudolph Geschwind introduced Rambling Rose 'Veilchenblau', which later bore four other amazing seedlings; 'Violette', 'Bleu Magenta', 'Rosemarie Viaud' & most recently 'Lilac Domino', all with various flower forms. The Purple Ramblers Vielchenblau - Rambling Rose Violette - Rambling Rose Rosemarie Viaud - Rambling Rose Bleu Magenta - Rambling Rose Purple roses today Surprisingly we didn't see a modern type purple rose until 'Blue Moon' in 1964. This was a paler lilac colour but often riddled with disease. It wasn't until the 21st century we saw the best varieties, most of which have come from the UK, such as 'Rhapsody in Blue' that won Rose of the Year 2003 and was later given the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit. It's a relatively tall floribunda shrub rose which can also be used as a short climber and is generally fairly healthy. The most fragrant of the modern purple roses we believe is the light pastel 'Sandra', which has an old fashioned 'cabbage' flower form as well as, 'Scented Carpet' a recent British introduction. We look forward to seeing what comes out of the rose world in years to come, perhaps the genetical research will prevail, but we still love the historical purple rose. Rhapsody In Blue - Modern Shrub Rose Sandra - Renaissance Rose Scented Carpet - Ground Cover Rose British Persica - Eyes for You For Further Reference Old Purple Roses → [...]

September 2nd, 2019|

Rose of the Year: Sweet Honey

Sweet Honey is Rose of the Year This year among our new introductions we have Sweet Honey, Rose of the Year. Launched at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2019, this cute and compact variety has a divine fruity scent. Its size makes it perfect to grow in a container or could be used to brighten up a front of a border either by itself or in multiples as a low hedging. Winner of many international awards in Baden-Baden, Belfast, Courtrai, Lyon and Paris as well as German ADR, a label given for the most beautiful and disease resistant roses. Now available to buy now as a bare root plant to be delivered this November. We also stock previous winners including: Penny Lane - pink climber Rhapsody in Blue - purple shrub rose Global Beauty - yellow floribunda Joie de Vivre - pink bush For Your Eyes Only - pink persica hybrid Scent From Heaven - orange climber Lovestruck - red bush For our full list of new introductions check out NEW ADDITIONS 2019.

June 30th, 2019|
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