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709, 2018

Jobs for September 2018. Glasgow Rose Trials

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Bliss - Winner of Silver Medal and the Tollcross Fragrance Award. Glasgow 2018 Sombreuil- A climbing rose that has an intense display of blooms this September. After a such a hot summer this year some of you may be looking forward to the cooler nights this September. Roses can be magnificent at this time and with the chillier temperatures they reward us with blooms that are often more intense and longer lived than their summer counterparts. With bare root rose season nearly upon us now is the perfect time to start preparing garden beds for any [...]

708, 2018

Once upon a Summers Day

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Hot summers for British rose growers means we get to see a special treat, a rose named as Marechal Niel. This rose was one of the first truly yellow varieties and when introduced in 1863 the Victorian's went crazy for it.The large, very full blooms have an exquisite tea fragrance, but it's Tea rose ancestry means, the flowers will only open fully in dry weather. It was so sought after, the breeder Pradel would only sell it to customers who had purchased a dozen of his other roses, quite a marketing ploy! Not being fully hardy it is now [...]

1407, 2018

Gardeners World Feature on Old Roses

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Wonderful to see a feature on Old Roses on the BBC Gardeners World programme this week. Nick Bailey gave us a brief introduction to the Gallica, Alba and Damask groups from the wonderful Mottisfont Abbey gardens which was laid out by Graham Stuart Thomas and now holds the national collection of pre 1900 roses. In ancient times roses were grown not only for the beauty of their flowers but also for their medicinal properties. Attar and rose water are still produced today using many of the old varieties such as Quatre Saisons, Kazanlik, Alba Maxima and Officinalis. Their virtues are [...]

107, 2018

Roses in July

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Firstly enjoy your roses, warm days are the best to get up close and appreciate the wonderful perfume and beauty that many roses possess. It is a great time also to cut a few blooms for the house, with this in mind have a look at roses that are particularly good for cutting. Try to visit some of the great rose gardens to get inspired back home. Continue dead heading spent blooms of repeat flowering varieties, this will speed up the production of the next flush of bloom by preventing hip formation. They can just be snapped off but it [...]

2006, 2018

The English Garden Magazine’s Top Picks for Scented Roses

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There are 100s of amazingly powerful scented roses but here are 5 picks recommended by The English Garden Magazine, July Issue 2018. Pick up your copy from any good newsagents. All available as bare root roses for November, limited potted stock. Click the names for more information. 1. Rose de Rescht 2 Madame Alfred Carriere 3. Deprez a Fleurs Jaunes 4. Zepherine Drouhin 5. Jacques Cartier

806, 2018

Mme. Alfred Carriere Short History

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Full Description and Brief History. Mme Alfred Carriere is a sweetly scented old Noisette rose.It is still one of the most popular white climbing roses.Its perpetual display of large double blush white blooms have a buff yellow to the base of the petal.The flower is ruffled at the edge which makes it very pleasing to the eye. The foliage is a fresh pale green and the health and vigour of the rose is excellent.The stems are pliable which makes them easy to train to a fence, pergola or wall. It can be planted in any aspect from full sun to [...]

406, 2018

Rambling Rose. Banksiae ‘Alba Plena’ new to online store

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We've just added some new potted Rosa banksiae 'Alba-Plena' to our store.  A slightly fragrant rambler, White Lady Banks, or Rosa banksiae 'Alba Plena,' is virtually thornless. Also boasting a high resistance to disease, this white-flowered form of a the yellow 'Lutea' classic will grow quickly once established, be sure to give it plenty of space! Frilly white blooms arrive in early to late spring. We also will be bringing some to RHS Hyde Hall, June 9th-10th for their Rose Weekend, so see you there!

1201, 2018

Rambling Rose: Adelaide d’Orleans

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The tentative first shoots of snowdrops this week are a timely reminder that Spring will soon be upon us. Take the opportunity of the next few months to plant bare root roses to reap their splendours later in the year (see below) . Bare root plants are the most economical way to add trees and shrubs to your garden so spring into action like the snowdrop before it is too late. Adelaide d’Orleans covering an arch at Mottisfont. Adelaide d’Orleans is a very useful and beautiful rambler dating from 1826. Bred by Antoine Jacques head gardener to king Louis [...]

101, 2018

Joseph Pemberton Hybrid Musks

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The term ‘Hybrid Musk’ was first used 100 years ago in 1917 to describe the rose Pax which had been bred by the Rev. Joseph Pemberton from Havering-atte-Bower in Essex. Pemberton used Trier a repeat flowering multiflora rambler in many of his crosses and he went on to develop a whole new race of roses, shrubs with clusters of beautifully fragrant blooms in delicate hues. They were certainly ahead of their time and although a few won awards they didn’t achieve great popularity until much later. Today they are highly regarded, many good enough to be given AGMs (Award [...]

2912, 2017

Lovestruck. Rose of the Year for 2018.

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Lovestruck Rose of the Year 2018 Lovestruck at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show RHS Hampton Court Flower Show brings us rose growers together, where we celebrate our love for roses. The rose tent is the place to find many special introductions. One to behold will be ‘Lovestuck’ which has been announced, ahead of time, as Rose of the Year 2018 by The English Garden Magazine. Vibrant cherry coloured, it really does strike you with its beauty. Bestowed with two other awards, noting health and good repeat flowering, it really is a deserved winner. ‘Lovestruck’ is now available [...]

3008, 2017

Top 10 Scented Roses of the 20th Century

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1902 Debutante At the start of the 20th century, one of the newest ramblers Debutante has become one of the most dependable. It has both delicious ‘old rose’ smell combined with good disease resistance. 1913 Clementina Cabonieri From Italian breeder Bonfiglioli, this rose defines the heavenly ‘Tea Rose’ scent perfectly. 1938 Guinee. One of the best fragrant red roses of all time, which isn’t just beautiful to look at, but on warm days, the aroma can be smelt far and wide. 1949 Aloha A hybrid of another fragrant rose ‘New Dawn‘. Strong fruity and sweet! Wonderful two-toned blooms. 1950 Rose [...]

2107, 2017

Introducing Esme. A new Modern Bush rose.

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We are happy to announce our newest introduction ‘Esme’ named after our wonderful daughter Esme. This exquisite rose is beautiful in both bud and as expanded bloom changing from rich to pale cream in the process. The fruity scent has peach notes. Foliage is plentiful, dark green and very disease resistant and with an overall size of 50 x 40 cms it will be as happy in a pot as in the front of a border, flowering from summer and repeating until late autumn. Esme, with her rose.

506, 2017

RHS Hyde Hall and Audley End Flower Shows.

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This June we attended RHS Hyde Hall for their Rose Weekend and Audley End for Blooming Gardens. We had such an amazing time meeting everyone and thank you to all those rose enthusiasts at Hyde Hall who bore the scorching 33degree heat. We also officially launched our rose ‘Esme’ at both events with such positive feedback. Looking forward to next years events. Busy at Hyde Hall for their Rose Weekend Blending in well at Audley End. We launched ‘Esme’ at Hyde Hall.