Full Description and Brief History.

Mme Alfred Carriere is a sweetly scented old Noisette rose.It is still one of the most popular white climbing roses.Its perpetual display of large double blush white blooms have a buff yellow to the base of the petal.The flower is ruffled at the edge which makes it very pleasing to the eye.

The foliage is a fresh pale green and the health and vigour of the rose is excellent.The stems are pliable which makes them easy to train to a fence, pergola or wall. It can be planted in any aspect from full sun to shade and if planted in good soil can reach a height of over 4 metres.
It was bred in France by Joseph Schwartz and was described as worthless when it was first released on to the market in 1879 however in 1908 it was proclaimed to be the best white climbing rose by the National Rose Society. He then had to wait until 1993 to get an Award of Garden Merit from the R.H.S.
Schwartz died at just 39 and sadly was unable to see his most outstanding rose reach its glory.

It is now a popular favourite among cottage gardeners and recommended by the likes of BBC Gardener’s World and Radio 4’s GQT panel.

Mme Alfred Carriere - Cream Climbing Rose