Bennett’s Seedling

Bennett’s Seedling


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A.k.a. Thoresbyana. Thought to be a double form of Rosa arvensis. Clusters of small,double white blooms with prominent yellow stamens. A prolific summer flowerer. Vigorous growth. There is a fantastic specimen adorning the pergola in The R.N.R.S. gardens, St.Albans. Size 6m x 4m.

Rose Group Rambler Rose
Breeder Bennett
Date of Introduction 1840
Colour White
Flower Form Semi-Double
Height Tall Climber
Flowering Period Summer
Fragrance Strong
Disease Resistance Good
Hardiness Zone 5

Shade Tolerant, Poor Soils, Attractive to Bees, Suitable for North Walls, Suitable for Walls/Fences, Suitable for Arches/Pergolas, To Grow into a Tree

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