Repeat Flowering Old Roses

Before the introduction of China roses from the east around 1790 the only rose that repeated its flowering was the Autumn Damask ‘Quatre Saisons’. It is assumed that this joined with Rosa gallica ‘Officinalis to start the Portland damask group and later a chance hybridization with Old Blush China began the Bourbon race. The Noisettes were again a probable chance cross between Old Blush and Rosa moshata. Further hybridisation of these groups and the old summer flowering roses brought us the Hybrid Perpetuals. Tea roses arose from tea scented china roses and one of the few true species roses to repeat, Rosa rugosa, again from the east, led to another class of mostly remontant roses.

With the amalgamation of the Teas and Hybrid perpetuals in the form of La France in 1867 the Hybrid Teas were born and the age of Modern roses began.