Potted Roses


What is a potted rose?
Our potted roses are available all year round, they are planted in specially prepared peat-free compost containing controlled release fertiliser. All are 2 year old plants, so will flower in their first season.
How will they arrive?
Each rose will arrive in a decorative cardboard box, accompanied with their own descriptive colour label and growing booklet.
From November to March they will have no leaves. In April and May, new buds are emerging, please note some varieties will be slower at producing these but by late May you should see substantial bushy growth in all varieties. Between June and July our aim is to send roses just in bud or flowering. If the blooms have expired, stems may be dead headed (cut back) to encourage new growth.
Can I add a personalised message to my order?
Yes once you have added the variety to your cart and you have proceeded to checkout, there is box to fill in a special message. We are aware many of our roses are sent as gifts, so invoices and payment details are forwarded to your email only, not within the parcel.

For tips or advice on planting your potted roses, head on over to our planting and pruning guide page.

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