Daisy Hill Nurseries 1912. Masses of small semi-double highly fragrant white blooms. Very vigorous growth. Summer flowering. Requires room to flourish,as it can grow to 6m x 4.5m.

A Full Description And Brief History.

Rambling Rector makes a stunning display of pure white semi-double blooms with yellow stamens,which are arranged in large clusters and carpet the whole plant in mid-summer.The fragrance is most delicious,very sweet and musky.
The foliage is mid-green,the leaves have attractive long stipules.It is extremely vigorous as well as hardy and can scramble over hedges and ramble up into tree as well as cover a large garden wall.It can reach a good 7m in the right situation and will produce small oval hips,but be aware of its thorny stems.
Parentage is most probably Rosa multiflora or maybe Rosa setigera.It was first catalogued in 1912 by Daisy Hill Nursery, Newry Northern Ireland and was rumoured to be a foundling from a vicarage garden.In 1993 it was deservedly given an Award of Garden Merit by R.H.S.