Attractive Hips

Here are a list of roses we recommend to use for attractive hips. Often overlooked, many species and old roses, have some amazing variations. Their shapes can be plump and round like the Rugosas or even flagon shaped like Rosa moyseii. Colours often start out green then change to reds/ oranges or even black. Remember they are not just pretty to look at, they are edible too. They can be dried for teas, or even boiled with sugars to create tasty syrups. Our top edible varieties include Rugosa’s such as Roseraie de l’Hay, Hansa, Scabrosa, Rugosa ‘Alba’ and Fru Dagmar Hastrup.

Scabrosa - Rose Hips

Scobrosa in flower with its hips

Rosa Stella 'Mirifica' - 'Chesnut Hips'

Chesnut Shaped Hips on Rosa Stellata Mirifica

Rosa Pimpinellifolia - Black Hips

Black hips. Rosa pimpinellifolia

Rosa moyseii - Hips

Flagon shaped hips – Rosa Moyesii